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In 1984, Peter Honigmann started his journey into martial arts with Kenpo Karate under Grandmaster John McSweeney, one of the pioneers in reality-based self-defense. John served in multiple branches of the military, was one of Ed Parker’s first black belts, introduced Kenpo Karate to Ireland, worked as a bodyguard, and started a martial arts studio in Elmhurst, Illinois (which is still teaching Kenpo). Peter was drawn to John’s powerful style of teaching, focused on making self-defense simple and effective. Peter trained in Kenpo for about 12 years under John, John’s student Tom Saviano, and Mr. Saviano’s student Steve Rigitano.

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  • Sales and Training to Law Enforcement, Security and EMS
  • Private Self-Defense Classes for Civilians and Law Enforcement
  • Group Trainings and Seminars
  • Self-Defense Presentations Tailored for Your Organization
  • Presentations Focused on Teaching Self-Defense Law


Best Defense Concepts takes the simplest and most effective defensive techniques from multiple arts, and then focuses on providing training that is tailored to the student’s skills and abilities.  We pride ourselves on our ability to train any student to be able to defend against the most common attacks, teaching the information in a way that most people can learn quickly, without having to study a martial art for years.

See what they are saying in the media about BDC, and what BDC is doing to help support law enforcement and our students wherever they live and work.

Crime In The News You Need to Protect Yourself

U. of C. graduate ‘minding his own business,’ tried to escape and struggled with suspect before being fatally shot

On Nov. 9, at about 1:50 p.m., Zheng was walking home from campus “minding his own business” in the 900 block of East 54th Place when he was confronted by Spann, who arrived in a stolen Ford Mustang, Assistant State’s Attorney Ashley Romito said in court.

London killings spark surge in women’s self-defence classes 2020

After a series of high-profile murders of women in London in recent months, the number of young female participants joining the class is high.

A new tool being incorporated into police forces across the country

Experts from across the country coming together on Tuesday to show off some of the latest technology and tools being used to help with public safety and interacting with individuals in the least confrontational manner.

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