Distributor and Master Instructor for Compliant Technologies

David M.
David M.
Peter is an Excellent self defense instructor and easy to communicate with!
Dian P.
Dian P.
Peter Honigmann from Best Defense Concepts was extremely professional, well-versed on self-defense, and amenable to work with. When initially contacted, he was most willing to make a presentation to our group and tailor the presentation to our needs. He responded quickly to questions via email, and requested safety questions from the group that he could address. Peter was given a couple of questions which he covered thoroughly, plus during the presentation, he welcomed additional questions and encouraged participation. The night of the preformance was extremely inclement with blizzard conditions, yet he arrived prior to the beginning and waited patiently until most members had arrived and graciously continued past the time he had committed to. Since the group does not pay individuals but will make donations to a charity in the name of the name of a presenter, he donated his fee to a local charity. The group response was most positive, with all women feeling they had learned a lot which would be extremely useful if needed in the future. We would greatly encourage groups to book him for their presentations; they will not be disappointed.
Lydia W.
Lydia W.
Peter is a great self defense instructor. We had a class of 16 students who are at different fitness/ self defense knowledge level. He made the class fun and informative for everyone. Highly recommended.
Emily K.
Emily K.
Peter was very professional and easy to communicate with. We really enjoyed this thorough knowledge and that he brought handouts and materials for the class.
Brandon o.
Brandon o.
Kris t.
Kris t.
Samir s.
Samir s.
Peter is so knowledgable, accommodating, and personable. Great teacher. Great guy.
Janine J.
Janine J.
Great private instruction geared to what I wanted to learn and my existing knowledge.
Alex A.
Alex A.
The instructor is knowledgeable about effective real-world self-defense tactics, and does a good job teaching how to use them!
Arthur V.
Arthur V.
Taking a class with Peter means you'll receive excellent instruction and personal attention. You could tell his team is passionate, caring, and knowledgeable about what they do. They set themselves apart even further by going over some legal aspects of self defense, to ensure you understand when you can use what you are about to learn. Through captivating, enjoyable, tailored instruction, Peter provides new perspectives in self defense to add to your tool belt. As a protection professional having attended countless classes in the security field, I appreciated everything about his class. Highly recommend!

Introducing The G.L.O.V.E.

Generated Low Output Voltage Emitter
  • Ideal for Law Enforcement, Corrections and Security Agencies
  • Non-Threatening and De-Escalating
  • Humane – Low Voltage and Low Amperage
  • Available Throughout the Force Continuum
  • Not Easily Take Away
  • Affordable with No Additional Operating Costs


In 1984, Peter Honigmann started his journey into martial arts with Kenpo Karate under Grandmaster John McSweeney, one of the pioneers in reality-based self-defense. John served in multiple branches of the military, was one of Ed Parker’s first black belts, introduced Kenpo Karate to Ireland, worked as a bodyguard, and started a martial arts studio in Elmhurst, Illinois (which is still teaching Kenpo). Peter was drawn to John’s powerful style of teaching, focused on making self-defense simple and effective. Peter trained in Kenpo for about 12 years under John, John’s student Tom Saviano, and Mr. Saviano’s student Steve Rigitano.

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  • Sales and Training to Law Enforcement, Security and EMS
  • Private Self-Defense Classes for Civilians and Law Enforcement
  • Group Trainings and Seminars
  • Self-Defense Presentations Tailored for Your Organization
  • Presentations Focused on Teaching Self-Defense Law


Best Defense Concepts takes the simplest and most effective defensive techniques from multiple arts, and then focuses on providing training that is tailored to the student’s skills and abilities.  We pride ourselves on our ability to train any student to be able to defend against the most common attacks, teaching the information in a way that most people can learn quickly, without having to study a martial art for years.

See what they are saying in the media about BDC, and what BDC is doing to help support law enforcement and our students wherever they live and work.

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