Defensive Tactics

We Teach You How to Protect yourself and your family

Best Defense Concepts is available to provide your group, organization or company with a seminar that will be tailored specifically to your needs. Seminars can range in length from one hour to all day, can be conducted in most office spaces without the need for special mats or equipment, and can include a wide array of topics, including:

1) Situational Awareness and De-Escalation

2) Joint locks, control holds and pressure point techniques

3) Key strikes to the most vulnerable parts of the body

4) Concepts for defending against common street attacks

5) Learning defenses against weapon-based attacks

6) Using improvised weapons (flashlight, pen, magazine, or key) to defend yourself

7) Defending from the ground

8) How to use (and choose) pepper spray (spray, foam or gel)

9) Defending yourself with a cane, knife or stick

Contact Peter today to discuss how he can work with your group to provide a fun and educational seminar that will provide them with the tools to keep themselves safe.

What We Teach

Basic Self-Defense Law

Defensive Hand Position

Restraint and Control Techniques

Defending Against Weapons 





Self-Defense Stance

Defending Against a Wrist Grab

Self-Defense with a Cane

Using Improvised Weapons for Self-Defense